Male Sex Toys

male sex toys
Male Sex Toys

When talking about “male sex toys” people usually feel free using terms like “dildo” or “vibrator”. Historically, adult toys have always been associated with devices aiding women in orgasm. Male sex toys in this context felt as almost an outsider. But hey, we are now going to prove quite the opposite. Ever since the first invention of blow up dolls, through years (heck, even centuries) of prohibition and till modern days, men invented quite a number of ways to get off.

Many people argue, that sex should be 100% natural. Others say the first and only reason is pleasure. Anyhow, male sex toys for men can make life without partner easier. Despite fact that many manufacturers are constantly working on realistic sex dolls, these devices are not likely to replace real partners. However, even having a constant man or woman at your side does not grant you absolute pleasure from sex. So what do we usually do in situations like these? We talk with specialists, search and try to find the ideal devices for reaching the long desired euphoria. Therefore, we collected quite an assortment of male sex toys you may find interesting to get acquainted with.

Penis Pump

First thing worth mentioning about penis pumps – vacuum male sex toy are not striking aesthetic-wise. An average penis pump usually resembles some household or rather medical device. Nevertheless, its advantages are hard to underestimate. We will get to the profits in just a moment, but lets answer these questions first – what is a penis pump and how it actually works?

Vacuum pump for men has the principle of operation and the design of a typical air pump. The air pressure, created manually or automatically, draws blood flow to penis and increases blood circulation.  In this sense penis pump is multifunctional. On the one hand, it can be used as a substitute to other handheld masturbating devices. On the other hand, penis pumps are recommended as cure to erectile dysfunction.  Vacuum pumps are safe means to maintain stable erection. They are prescribed by doctors all over the world after surgeries as means to treat weak erection without the use of drugs. Finally, vacuum pump can also be used to enlarge the penis. Regular exercises will lead to improved blood flow, an increased length and width.

Now the question you are definitely eager to ask is – do penis pumps work? We already mentioned that penis pump is almost a medical appliance. Hence it should be used with caution and strictly according to manual. Only by following the instructions, you can assure this sex toy will give the expected results. Penis pumps go in many different shapes/lengths with unique functions and means of exploitation.

At the end of the day, we can all agree that the only downside of penis pump is a not too “sexy” device look. According to some users, this issue is well solved by a thoughtful selection of attractive images or videos. As for the utilitarian side, penis pump shines with numerous advantages. Besides, unlike sex doll, penis pumps can easily be confused with some house appliance – a very useful quality in case it catches the eye of a stranger, trust me.

penis pump
penis pump

Prostate Massager

Prostate massage is a simple but very useful procedure for the male organism. Not only it has numerous benefits to health, but also this type of stimulation can bring a lot of joy to sex life! You see, prostate is the organ responsible for the production of testosterone in man’s body. Prostate gland plays major role in reproductive and sexual functions, thus being often referred to as ‘second male heart’. It is often compared to the women g-spot, due to a similarly large number of nerve endings and tissue sensitivity. But unlike female center of pleasure, prostate is subject to inflammatory processes. Hence the necessity to periodically carry out quality and correct prostate massage, which in addition to the benefits, brings tranquility and laxation. Indispensable in this case will be toys for prostate stimulation.

All prostate massagers can be either external or internal (also called invasive). External prostate massagers are considered the most neutral and can perfectly fit those who feel uncomfortable with the following type of devices. These are of course the internal stimulation toys – probably the most effective, yet for some men, very controvercial. But, don’t be in a hurry on your way out. I can personally assure you – these are the best prostate massagers you’ll ever find on the market. Just stay awhile and listen.

Internal prostate massager is a device with a small diameter that is incerted into the anus. The anatomical shape does not cause no pain, and sure is designed to avoid any sphincter stretching. Prostate massagers go in various forms, materials, with or without vibration. Since massagers on batteries work comparably more effective, their price is higher. Regular prostate massagers have to be operated manually. Anyway, with the proper immersion or additional stimulation, the sensations are bound to be legendary.

Prostate Massager
Prostate Massager

Male Enhancement Pills

It goes without saying that most sexual performance enhancers are pharmaceutical drugs aided to eliminate erectile disfunction. These are prescribed by family doctors and therapists in various cases – age, problems with heart, surgery rehabilitation, etc. But what if the real cause is just the infamous weariness at the end of a workday? We have all been there, haven’t we? Those stressing traffic jams, the enormous workloads and the nagging colleagues, gosh! I mean, there are million reasons to upset the cock and your partner ain’t one. And it is never easy explaining why you are not aroused by your partner at the very responsible moment. Days like these I truly wish people wouldn’t bother me at all.

But don’t give up, fellas – there is a whole bunch of sexual enhancers to save the day. We are not calling names here and to be honest, these pills can be easily found online with a good old Google search. Funny thing is – male sexual performance enhancers come in all forms and shapes (spoiler alert, all sex toys have all the forms and shapes). You can buy a gum, a candy, heck even a chocolate. Which is freking awesome once you realise playing Bond became easier than ever! Pick up a couple of martinis, chew a magic gum and go for it, lover!

Gay Sex Toys

Homosexual love is still an ambiguous thing, especially when it comes to men. Many people have a very negative attitude towards gay love (they better skip this paragraph right now). Others keep strict neutrality, believing rightly that it is everyone’s own business what to do with private life. Surprisingly, some people actually do not mind if not accept the idea, then at least try it once or twice for sake of new sensations. To be completely honest with you, writing this part was difficult – go figure what gay couples use. But we are not afraid of difficulties, we did our homework and made a selection of the best gay male sex toys.

Initially, erection rings served to prolong the hard on. Simply put, the rings squeeze the vessels at the base of the penis and prevent the outflow of blood. Nowadays, in addition to the regular rings, there are models with vibration, electrical stimulation, anal stimulants and scrotum pickup. Rings with anal stimulation are one of the coolest types of devices because they basically kill two birds with one bullet. In addition to the prosaic function of keeping partner in ready condition, cock rings also serve as decoration – a variety of harnesses, chastity belts and cases are now presented in large assortment on the shelves of sex shops. Experienced users believe that simultaneous stimulation of the prostate and penis inevitably leads to orgasm. So be sure to check out section on prostate massagers.

Chains, plugs of huge sizes, tunnels and vibrators are for those who know a lot about anal pleasures. Anal toys store shelf always had something to offer. If plugs, dildos and balls are pretty easy and understandable to use, then anal tunnel is a horse of another color. For many, the term itself usually makes reference to medical tools, no matter what the purpose. That, my friends, is a very serious knowledge gap to fill. So, what is anal tunnel?

The anal tunnel is a plug with a through hole which has several use cases. First, you can see what’s inside. Secondly, you can rinse everything in there and add the lubrication. Last but not least, anal tunnel helps prepare for penetration and stretch your muscles. And if combined with penis, the tunnel will bring supreme sensations to both partners.

Do not forget about the external attributes! Men love to dress up, some are just carefully hiding it. With sex however there is no need to surpress your hottest fantasies. Thongs with animals, leather tuxedos and harness for BDSM aesthetics, super-sexy jockeys with open buttocks and full access – all that was created for the wildest dreams come true and bring pure unrefined joy.

Finally, the lubricants – something that is essential in any sex, especially anal. A good lubricant is 50, if not 70 percent of success, so it is really worth the penny. A silicone lubricant is best suitable for the mentioned action – it is more slippery, dries slowly and is not washed off with water. For delicious sex, there are oral lubricants that turn your partner’s cock into a real treat (no biting, of course).

Love Dolls

Did you know that predecessor of a modern sex doll was the so-called “dame de voyage” in French or “dame de viaje” in Spanish? Indeed, first sex dolls originated in the 17th century and were used by sailors on long voyages. They were made of folded fabric and women’s clothing, shaped to resemble female body. These prototypes were used for masturbation by almost whole ship crew. You can only imagine what a breeding ground for diseases that sex toy was.

Since then, much changed, and you can now buy sex dolls in any sex shop. The simplest pleasure dolls are made of vinyl or PVC with printed face. The material is dense, able to hold body weight of an adult male. But this thing can be easily pierced. Of course, it can be repaired, but there is nothing as underwhelming as a patched sex doll.

Demanding customers have always been hungry for the closest to real feeling. So manufacturers started looking forward to meeting the client expectancies. Real love sex dolls production started in the late eighties of the 20th century. Although premium materials can be very different (silicone or a thermoplastics), the peculiarity remains the same – these sex toys have the closest similarity to human body. They are made in full human height and weigh from 25 to 45 kg. Now let’s dive into the aspects of different manufacturers.

Chinese companies today produce most of the sex dolls made of TPR or TPE materials. It’s rubber, which gives the skin color, and the doll itself is able to serve for quite a long time. The doll frame made of PVC with flexible joints. As a result, sex doll can be given a variety of poses, which is convenient for storage and use. These realistic love dolls are sold both in standard and custom models.

Japanese and American manufacturers make mostly silicone dolls. It is quite expensive material, however with the most realistic touch feel. The inner doll’s frame is a metal or polymeric skeleton which gives weight of 30 and more kilograms. But gentlemen, we all came here not for the wight.  The devil is in the details and that is something manufacturers pay a hell of a lot attention. The client is given a chance to choose not only skin, eye or hair color but also the size of breasts, feet, lips and such. Shape and feel of vagina or anal cavity is also an option. If all the above mentioned variants are not for you, the sex doll appearance can be created from scratch with the assistance of staff designer.

As you see, mankind made quite a long way from a pile of clothes in ship’s hold to a full functioning human sized doll. People are now able to buy realistic sex mates with the softest cyber skin. The appearance can be modified in any way possible with most body parts replaceable. Price can be an issue, but in the end you can be sure, that a real sex toy is actually the closest we can get to real feel climax.

Male Masturbator

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about female sex toys are dildos. On the contrary, when we think about men sex toys, apart from pleasure dolls, we usually mean male masturbators. Only problem is few people actually understand the meaning of a term ‘male masturbator toy’. A male masturbator can in fact be anything from a vibrator to a prostate massager. However, to stop further misconception, lets draw the line and explain what a male masturbator really is.

A male masturbator is usually an artificial vagina, ass, mouth or any other device put on penis to relieve sexual tension. Apart from other male sex toys, masturbators are devices created to aid masturbation process, hence the term. In other words, we can always use the good old 5-finger jerking. But, trust me, there are very few goods on sex market that offer sensations close enough to real life oral or anal sex. Masturbators are commonly made of special materials that perfectly copy human skin. So when closing your eyes, it will seem extremely real.

Like I said, masturbators are usually created to imitate vaginal, oral or anal sex. The imitation concerns not only the outside but also the internal design of a male masturbator. Numerous folds, beadings, bumps, twists and turns will make you feel like making out with any part of a real person. Most of male mastubators are medium-to-large sized, kept in hand and driven with the desired amplitude. And with the inclusion of vibrating rotors and tightening mechanism, you will be left no chance but to forget what a plain jerking used to feel like.

Penis Rings

Penis rings are definitely one of the most popular male sex toys in sex shops, not only due to the relatively lowest price among alternatives. We will now talk about penis rings: their application, types and positive results for end users. Let’s start by answering a simple question – what do penis rings do?

Penis rings are used to extend erection of a man and the pleasure of a woman, in case she likes numerous frictions. The ring is put on the base of the penis, squeezing it, thereby keeping the organ filled with blood. This provides a more convincing and prolonged erection. Any man who ever tried squeezing his erected penis knows how it helps the excitement. Similarly, the ring allows to keep constant pressure on penis thus postponing male orgasm.

The ring can be useful in many ways. First of all, problems with erection occur at any age and even with the healthiest men. The reasons are various –  age, sexual inexperience, disease, or even psychological traumas. The erection ring helps to excersize and improve any further sexual experience. Secondly, it’s not always about men needs: sometimes women need more than the average before-goodnight sex – and the ring helps satisfying both parties perfectly. And finally penis rings are awesome accessories. Yep, you heard me right: not only ladies like to pamper themselves with all sorts of jewelries. Some people put rings on fingers, others – on juicier places. Many erection rings look very stylish and even elegant, but still masculine.

Penis rings come in all forms, shapes but most importantly – materials. Rings are made of different composites elastic (silicone, leather, latex) and hard (metal, glass, hard plastic).

  • Silicone is a safe, elastic and very comfortable material. Silicone penis rings are usually small-sized and stretch to the desired parameters. These can be removed simply with no effort. Rubber is a much cheaper material. However, properties-wise very similar to silicone.
  • Leather rings are more like straps on fasteners. Leather models usually have classic or light BDSM design look. Easily adjustable, these however require some skill for taking off.
  • Metal rings are really masculine: heavy, rough and tough. Many people like the feel of a metal accessory. But it is important to consider the size and choose the right ring, as metal, of course, cannot be stretched.
Penis Rings
Penis Rings

Male Vibrators

Vibrators for men are actually in the top most popular male sex toy. Every year hundreds of thousands of different models are sold around the globe right under your nose. All different, shiny and slippery they are shipped to the law abiding men and you are wondering why they get to work every morning with a smiling face. Jokes aside, it actually bothers me why people know so little about male vibrators. So for starters let’s find out what a sex vibrator for men realy is.

A vibrator is basically any battery or accumulator powered male sex toy with a motor inside. The mechanism moves with various intensity that can be tuned with the remote or built-in controller. All vibrators are equipped with one or several motors, depending on the complexity of the design. The motor can be located in any part of the toy – on the tip, in the center or the rear side.

Like I said, male vibrators work in different modes and speeds. The mode of operation is a certain pattern which is constantly repeated like, for example, the sequence of short strong and weak vibrations. Simple models usually have 3 to 6 modes. More complex and expensive models, in addition to modes, also change speed and can even be programmed! Imagine what a load of excitement and space for experiments can such device deliver even to the most sophisticated users.

All those words and not even a single example of a decent male vibrator. Gentlemen, I could write long pages about anal vibrating dildos, prostate massagers and penis rings that will jerk you good. Besides, the info on all mentioned devices can be found through this article. I suggest we taste some serious gourmet stuff right here, right now. Without further ado – let me present you the penis vibrator. Not the vibrating handheld vagina, but the actual vibrator put on penis. The construction is pretty simple – a silicone hat-like device is put on penis similarly to a condom. The pulsating vibration effects extremely sensible penis head giving it everchanging sensations. All that’s left is put on your favourite movie, tune in this baby and lay back awaiting the “miracle” to happen. After using penis vibrtor, the rubber cape should be cleaned with water and you can immediately get back to reading our guide.

Male Anal Toys

Anus is a special area where many nerve endings are concentrated. Touching it can cause strong excitement in both men and women. Anal stimulation, if approached properly, will considerably expand your erotic experience and fantastic pleasures. Anal toys for men can have different forms: from the regular plug to a pony tail on a vibrator. They are also made of a variety of materials, can expand, shrink and vibrate – the market is huge. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what models exist and how they actually work.

Conventionally, all anal stimulators can be divided into several groups, for various reasons:

Regular butt plugs are designed to fill the anal cavity. These are not intended for sliding motions, although can be used at the beginning for rectal stretching. Anal plugs are probably the safest due to the equipped limiter that does not dive too deep. By the way, anal plugs are often sold with a decorative base. Many people love jewelery, fur tails and other flashy elements while role playing. Besides, decorative anal plugs are often sold in stylish fancy packages and can be presented to a partner on any occasion.

Anal beads is another good example of anal toys for men. These oblong stimulators consist of several parts connected by a flexible yet strong cord. They are pleasant to enter and pull out. The diameter, length and shape of the constituent elements can be very different. Same goes with the materials – rubber, silicone, metal and even stone. The beads are first slowly immersed into the cavity and give max pleasure while pulled out through anus. It is recommended that chain is removed slowly not only to avoid damaging sphincter, but also for reaching the most sensational feelings you could ever dream about.

Anal tunnel is somewhat a dark horse among similar sex toys. Few people actually realise how to use this thing first time they see it. The construction however is simple –  it’s a butt plug with a pass-thru hole. That hole is the essential part which makes anal tunnel an extremely useful tool for anal sex. Not only you can pour lubricant or rinse the insides of the rectum, but with a larger diameter, you can even insert a vibrator or penis. The tunnel is quite elastic, it does not crumple, keeps the shape and is ready for you to inject  somebody with a spraycan of your love (or appreciation).

Oh, and don’t forget the good old prostate massagers. These curved anal stimulators touch and massage the prostate gland in a number of different ways, mainly by flexing the muscles of the perineum with vibration. The anatomical form is very practical and does not cause discomfort. The overall looks of most prostate massagers are not as appealing as the charming 7-inch rubber cocks. But give these little fellas a chance, after all it is not a million-dollar sex doll you are trying out.

Blowjob Sex Toy

Finally let’s talk about blowjob sex toys. Imagine stroking your partner’s hair while you slowly take out the cock. Try and feel the touch of lips on the tip of your penis, then the tongue, sliding further into the coastal warmth of the throat. I bet every man knows the feeling and tries to revisit it regularly. But what if the partner is not in the right mood. What if you are on a long road trip far away from home. Even the best sex toys cannot substitute a really skillful partner. But there are times and we have the aid right for you boys.

It has already become a sort of a cliché but I have to say it again – blowjob male sex toys come in many different forms, shapes and colors. There are egg-shaped masturbators, that are put on like a condom, penis pumps with vibration, masturbators with lips, heck, even whole silicone heads – all designed to bring oral pleasures to the customer. So far my favourite are the good old masturbators. Like pocket vaginas these are easy to maintain and transport. They are very comfortable and can easily make up for absence of your loved ones. And if you are lone wolf in search of cool sensations – the market is your oyster!


Ladies and gentlemen, I have to be honest with you – this was one hell of a journey for me as a writer. There are many experts and know-all guys there who will express their thoughts on anything in the world. For me this article was occasionally a true revelation and a discovery to make. We tried out numerous devices, talked to different people and collected opinion on the most popular “male sex toys”. I do hope this longread was as interesting and exciting for you as it was eye-opening for me. Stay strong and look forward to our new research articles.

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